November 2015

OCCHE leads a delegation of Chinese companies to invest in port infrastructures, participating that way in the Inauguration of the Competitiveness Center of Chiriquí (Panama).

August 2015

A representation agreement is signed for the Chinese state-owned company ZHONGKONG INTERNATIONAL ENERGY INVESTMENT, focused on energy and mineral resource investments

May 2014

OCCHE and CCPIT signed an indefinite representation agreement, consolidating the synergies between both entities.

July 2013

Spanish diaries “LA VANGUARDIA” and “CINCO DÍAS” have published and interview with Mr. Esteve Solanes where he announces the project of industrial rubber.

May 2013

The Yacht Fair in Qingdao, with the participation of international companies and business owners of the highest range in the sector, was organized by the CCPIT with the help of the OCCHE.

January 2013

The WFCMS  yearbook reflects the conferences, meetings and trips of the integrative medicine project.

December 2012

Some of the activities conducted by the OCCHE in 2011-2012 are shown on CCPIT yearbooks and in China Television News.

December 2010

The visit of CCPIT during 2010, as well as the appointment of “Honorary Consultant”, were reflected in the official yearbook of CCPIT and CCOIC.

November 2010

During the celebration of the 4th annual congress of CCPIT and CCOIC, Mr. Esteve Solanes is appointed “Honorary Consultant” for Southern Europe.